Helping you with all your DStv installation and services on time.

We are a reliable and professional company with Multichoice Certified Technicians that deliver the best workmanship in and around the Eastrand Region. We stock original Multichoice DStv products and accessories, Visit us today at any of our Shops and our Shop Consultants will assist you and ensure that your home entertainment is perfect. Be it new installations, relocations & reinstallations, Extra view / Triple setup or any DStv need our technicians will ensure your requirements are met at the best price. All our work come with a 3-month guarantee. In line with keeping our customers happy we offer same-day service and available on Sundays and Public Holidays.

We also do Communal DSTV System setup for Offices and Residential complexes that provide DStv connections within a complex or commercial property. We are open to having service Level Agreements for new communal setup, ongoing maintenance or repairs to the system.

We also offer TV & Sound system repairs, CCTV installations and Cable Management/Neatening

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